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Dursley Dozen race report from Hannah

Race date: 18/02/2024

Uphill start and straight into the muddy trails which continued through out. Six major hills over the course with the first 4 in the first half - one particularly steep with rope to assist known locally as ‘the precipice’. Trails through woods coming out onto a golf course where there were spectacular views across the countryside. Well supported with locals & family’s almost all the way round - extremely vocal with their support. Three water/aid stations at 3 miles, 5 miles & 9 miles. Majority of the trail was small trails through woods very soft going lots of mud, a bit of rock/hard trail and a short amount of country road. Chose the soft trail/mud shoes which worked well for majority of route. Indoor race HQ with changing/showering facilities if wanted & bag drop.

Overall: Great race, well organised and challenging but scenic route, lots of opportunities for family to support if wanted.

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